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20 year old who was established in 1-1-94 in Indiana near Louisville, Kentucky. :) I'm a reader, writer, poet, and music lover who enjoys art and beauty. Before you follow me, please skim through and read it, because if my posts offend you (which they shouldn't unless you agree with systematic oppression and Eurocentric beauty standards), don't follow. I don't have a filter on me.

First things first, this is a black girl friendly blog. This is also a black culture friendly blog for black women and black men. I am here to uplift black girls of all shades, sizes, and backgrounds, but I am definitely here for dark-skinned and brown black girls. I am also here to dismantle and destroy white supremacy and systematic privileges, and if ya don't like it, you're an antagonistic character in a George Orwell novel. ;) 


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These tweets are KILLING ME!😭😭😭

That last one tho lol

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October 1, 2014 - Kim Kardashian leaving her hotel in Paris.

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The Throwback: Sports Illustrated, 2007

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Shirt : TROY LEE Designs, Pants : Levis, Hat : Brixton MFG Snapback

Name : Abell Johannes, 21, Montreal (Canada)

Submitted by : http://awindowstare.tumblr.com

Photographed by : Walter Komera





I think about this everyday


i’ve been laughing about this for three days

i have no clue what this is from or about but i crack up every time

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Good-morning from Lagos - Yagazie Emezi