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There’s a ton of rappers who get away with not rapping very well: Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, ASAP Rocky, Big Sean, 2 Chainz….I could go on.

Get of that with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne was probably Hip Hop’s last “Best Rapper Alive” considering consensus is dead these days. Lil Wayne can rap his ass off despite the fact he has limited subject matter. But most rappers only rap about 1 or 2 things for the most part anyways. And Nicki Minaj can rap her ass off idk who you listening to.

Lil’ Wayne can be concious if he wants to, he just chooses not too. His subject matter is limited because he doesn’t take himself seriously and just does his thing. He doesn’t try to be this deep rapper people expect him to be. As problematic as he is, I miss Lil’ Wayne’s rap technique from 2007-2009.



Drake and Josh shaped our generation like I’m 99.99% sure that this show is the reason I’m so sarcastic.

this show is literally my life

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
What is the new black??
cmtothemc cmtothemc Said:


"New black" is the stage in negroid evolution that follows "black" and is followed by "post-black"

for clarity, see:

  • Zoe “People of Color Don’t Exist” Saldana
  • Don “Bill O’Reilly Has Got a Point About Black People” Lemon
  • Stacey “Romney 2k12” Dash
  • Rashida “White Passing n Loving it” Jones
  • Morgan “Let’s Stop Talking About Race” Freeman
  • Kobe “Talking out My Ass When We Already Weary of You As A Community” Bryant
  • Donald “Loves Raceplay” Glover


His album has been out a little over a month and his album is sitting comfortably at #2 on the Billboard charts. I guess that New Black is some real shit

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"on god somebody come get this nigga, fam"

he can’t see the difference between “old black” and “new black”

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…….. I got some shit to say but I’m not gon say it

New black indeed

new black: now available in special dark

Look at this pandering ass nigga……*throws multiple rotten tomatoes*

lmao. This reeks of a peace offering

But Y’all gonna love the video and make all kinds of gifs out of it

Dis negroe thinks he’s so slick…





Watch it in video

OMG lmaooo



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Black women with afros


Black women with dread locks


Black women with dyed hair


Black women with natural hair


Black women with relaxed hair


Black women with weaves


Black women with hair


Black women without hair


Black women


I have Never agreed with a post so much

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When you prove to your parents that you wasn’t lying

*Drops jaw* I’d slap the black outta her if that was my child.

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oh man Nick I will give you a baby stop playin wit me girl

Why is she so pretty?




I just howled

I cannot explain the sound I just made. The fucking music killed me


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thug life? more like hug life. come here

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I believe people should know “natural” doesn’t specifically refer to naturally curly hair. “Natural Hair” is often a colloquial for tightly-coiled and coarse hair, aka, nappy. So I think it can be problematic when other black women who may fall into the “good hair” dichotomy try to proclaim their natural hair issues as similar to ones with very coarse and coily hair. Sure, curly hair isn’t always socially acceptable, but it certainly is more accepted than nappy hair. I know biracial women in particular have hair issues of their own, but it’s not the same as monoracial women with nappy hair. And not all biracial women have that stereotypical curly hair style, but many do. So I’m speaking in the context of the image people have of biracial and monoracial hair.

   People are more partial towards black women with curly hair than nappy. For instance, most natural hair blogs and tutorials are geared towards biracial women who usually have the stereotypical, loose curly hair. In other words, what many black people refer to as “good hair.” So I think it’s very important for black women to not (whether intentionally or unintentionally) hijack issues other black women have that they don’t necessarily face. If you don’t have nappy hair, of course you wouldn’t truly understand the impact natural hair has on you. I don’t care if you as a black woman PERCEIVE your hair as nappy, it’s not. Just like there are light-skinned women who perceive themselves as “dark-skinned.” Your psychological self-perception isn’t always credible.